Dr. Dobrzykowski’s research investigates information processing and the coordination of work in supply chains. While his primary interest is in healthcare and regulated industries, his research also explores these phenomena in other operations and supply chain contexts. A summary of his dissertation was published in Decision Sciences, and his other peer reviewed publications have appeared in Journal of Operations Management, Decision Sciences, Journal of Supply Chain Management, International Journal of Production Research, International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, International Journal of Production Economics, Journal of Service Management, Service Science among other scholarly outlets. For a complete list of publications, please click the link to: my Google Scholar page.

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Vonderembse, M.A. and Dobrzykowski, D.D. (2017). A Healthcare Solution: A Patient-Centered, Resource Management Perspective. CRC Press / Taylor & Francis. 281 pages, 14 chapters. ISBN 9781498758758 – CAT# K27658.  Access: Link to A Healthcare Solution (Book)

Recent refereed journal publications and acceptances (selected from 23 refereed pubs)

Dobrzykowski, D. (2019 – in press). Understanding the downstream healthcare supply chain: unpacking regulatory and industry characteristics. Journal of Supply Chain Management, 55(2), XXX-XXX. Available at SSRN.

Ahrens, F., Dobrzykowski, D. and Sawaya, W. (2019 – in press). Addressing mass customization trade-offs in Base of Pyramid markets: A case for medical equipment. International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management. Access: Link to IJPDLM paper

Dobrzykowski, D. and Tarafdar, M. (2017). Linking Electronic Medical Records use to Physicians’ Performance: A contextual analysis. Decision Sciences Journal, 48(1), 7-38. *** Received DSJ’s Best Paper Award. Access: Link to Dec Sci paper

Dobrzykowski, D., McFadden, K. and Vonderembse, M. (2016). Examining pathways to safety and financial performance in hospitals: A study of lean in professional service operations. Journal of Operations Management, 42-43, 39-51. Access: Link to the JOM paper.

Dobrzykowski, D.D., Callaway, S.K. and Vonderembse, M.A. (2015). Examining pathways from innovation orientation to patient satisfaction: a relational view of healthcare delivery. Decision Sciences Journal, 46(5), 863-899. Access: Link to the Dec Sci paper *** 2016 New Jersey Bright Idea Award.

Dobrzykowski, D.D., Leuschner, R., Roh, J.J. and Hong, P.C. (2015). Examining Absorptive Capacity in Supply Chains: Linking Responsive Strategy and Firm Performance. Journal of Supply Chain Management, 51(4), 3-28. Access: Link to the JSCM paper  *** Finalist for JSCM’s 2015 Harold E. Fearon Best Paper Award*** 2016 New Jersey Bright Idea Award.

Dobrzykowski, D. and Tarafdar, M. (2015). Understanding information exchange in healthcare operations: Evidence from hospitals and patients. Journal of Operations Management, 36, 201-214. Access: Link to the JOM paper.

Hong, P., Yang, M. and Dobrzykowski, D. (2014). Strategic Customer Service Orientation, Lean Manufacturing Practices and Performance Outcomes: An Empirical Study. Journal of Service Management, 25(5), 699-723. Access: Link to the JOSM paper. *** 2015 New Jersey Bright Idea Award.

Dobrzykowski, D., Saboorideilami, V., Hong, P. and Kim, S.C. (2014). A structured analysis of operations and supply chain management research in healthcare (1982-2011). International Journal of Production Economics, 147, 514-530. Access: Link to the IJPE paper.

Jitpaiboon, T., Dobrzykowski, D., Ragu, T. S. and Vonderembse, M. (2013). Unpacking IT use and integration for mass customization: a service-dominant logic view. International Journal of Production Research, 51(8), 2527-2547. Access: Link to the IJPR paper.

Vakharia, A. (2012). Elwood S. Buffa Doctoral Dissertation Competition. Decision Sciences, 43(2), 369-387. ** A summary of Dr. Dobrzykowski’s dissertation was published in Decision Sciences by Editor Vakharia recognizing the four finalists in the 2011 DSI dissertation competition.**

Practitioner (non-refereed) publications

(1) Dobrzykowski, D. (2014). Healthcare Reform and Supply Chain Management? Rutgers Supply Chain Management Thought Leaders, 1(1), 1.

(2) Howse, T., Marchetti, J., Balint, K., Harrison, M., Pascu, M., LaTarte, K., Marks, R., Martinez, J., Dobrzykowski, D. (2011). Lessons from an MBA CRM Audit – best and worst practices. In P. Greenberg (Ed.), A Different Perspective: Students, A CRM Audit, and Y’all. Retrieved (blog) February 14, 2011, from;content

(3) Dobrzykowski, D. (2010). Supply Chain IT Meets Healthcare Delivery. APICS Newsletter – Toledo Chapter, 49(19), 11-12.

(4) Dobrzykowski, D. (2004). Disease management – an effective strategy for managing your healthcare costs? Business Advantage, October, 17.

(5) Dobrzykowski, D. (2004). Health spending accounts: engaging in healthcare access. Business Advantage, September, 11.


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